Artist - in- Residence: Jeremie Zirnheld, Painter, Strassbourg

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Atlantis - the Inner Landscape

Atlantis, myth or not, is above all a quest similar to taking a journey of  introspection. Its mystery fascinates me and calls me to my inner landscape. Its a call to all of us to enter our secret world and explore it deeply.


Defining the Dream

To define this feeling I explored using a range of colors that can stimulate in our minds to experience something similar to a dream. 'Atlantis" is an invitation to free ourselves from thoughts and take a path to a immense world of delight, which is hidden from the eyes of the material world.


Angelic Sigils

The secret language is both strong and balanced.  The caligraphy also shares characteristics of sigils from the Kingdom of Bamoun in Cameroon and characters of my personal dream writing. It invites the observer to feel this strength and balance and enter into the mystery.