The Japanese Platform Bed

IN THE AMETHYST SUITE ...the cherry wood platform bed with futon 

brings a calm oriental feel. All beds are queen size with new mattresses. 

Its all about a fabulous night's sleep  with mattresses that are firm to keep

your spine healthy. 

The Sleigh Bed

IN THE BLUE ELEPHANT & MONTPELLIER...the handmade wooden frames 

add an artisanal character and charm to their rooms. Cotton mattress covers

keep the mattresses clean. These are also washed after each guest to ensures

the beds are energetically clear. 

The Wrought Iron Bed

IN THE BUTTERFLY...the romantic feel of our wrought iron bed pictured 

here is a natural favorite for honeymooners. Each room is reflected in the 

style of bed and enjoys different moods. This room is cozy and is enhanced 

by a Victorian claw-foot bath

Magic of Memory Foam

AMETHYST & BLUE ELEPHANT feature minimalist sofas which convert into

a sofa-beds with memory foam toppers. 

BUTTERFLY & suites feature additional queen beds in

each with memory foam mattresses and sheepskin mattress covers ( See my blog

on why a vegan hotel  has sheepskins.)

The Sheets

We thinks its important to know that our  Egyptian Cotton sheets are kept

squeeky clean with laundry soap that is all natural, unscented and dye free. 

Amd we energize our sheets by hanging them in the sun to dry.

The Pillows and Duvets

Our pillows and our duvets are new. You can choose hyperallergenic. Just ask!

NEWSFLASH - We are awaiting a supply of Morpheus Vegan Pillows from Poland!!!! 

This is a big wow to us!